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Once more, with feeling…

As a desi living in my comfortable off-campus residence, I’ve avoided the hassle of living in a dorm. Even during my undergrad days, I was a day scholar, thereby depriving myself of the little triumphs and tribulations of hostel life. College, is hands down, the best part of your life. College life, as an M.S. student, is even better. This funny article I read today reminded me of the non-drunken good times I’ve had over the last two years and the occasional episodes of intoxicated debauchery. As a true-blooded desi and a certified nerd, I’ve stayed true to my principles of lifelong virginity, but I can imagine the sort of life that goes on in American dorms.

The reason I’m reminiscing on the good times I’ve had as a student is that they may be coming to an end soon… maybe as soon as next week. It is time again to face the harsh world of corporate competence and one-up-manship. This time though, I can’t sneak back into the protective folds of academia mater‘s skirts. It’s time to put a fresh face on, and go through the rituals of trying to evoke sincerity and certainty.

This is good: Nickelback’s Two Greatest Hits – now available in one convenient song! [3.61 MB] Scientific proof of Nickelback’s suckiness.

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