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See why music recommendations don’t work either.

This came up as a google link on my other blog. It was too weird to not click.

I’ve been browsing through PosterWire. It’s a good read for anyone interested in the art of film posters. The most popular genre of movie posters seems to be ‘Big Heads Floating in the Sky’. I used to have ‘The Two Towers’ on my wall – one more that belonged to the BHFITS category. Back when I used to photoshop on Fark, posters were my favorite medium. I was pretty good, if I may say so myself. 🙂

See if you can get all the movie references… (video takes a long time to load).

via SepiaMutiny: The desi/asian answer to MST3K – Uncle Morty’s Dub Shack. Check out ‘Goatman’.

So I was doing my usual blog-hopping today, when I came across celebrity journalism via something Anti had posted on Hathirpithi’s blog. The thought of George Costanza being married to Britney Spears is funny enough, but I came across something else that was interesting – the Bianco ad campaign.

The reason I found this interesting was that I’m a regular reader of SomethingAwful. I’m no wonderful specimen of human perfection, but it always gave me a sense of schadenfreude to look at faces that are uglier than mine. That’s where I saw the same face, only this time it was posted on HotorNot.

Someone must’ve deliberately done this, but still goes to show the Internets are a small world, after all.

Thanks to Anti‘s ‘View Source’, I now have a favicon : . Thus unbridled narcissism abounds.
If anyone has a good idea for an icon for their blog but needs someone to execute it, let me know. I’m interested in doing micro/mini projects on the GIMP.

It is a well known fact that connoisseurs of classical music, while buying Bach and Tchaikovsky, will download 50 Cent’s Massacre and Moby’s Hotel to provide a well-balanced musical diet.